E-sport and Otaku Club
E-SPORT and Otaku (おたく) Club
Japanese value fusion with the richness of Indonesian culture triggered us to bring about e-sport and otaku club. Our club facilitates students’ hobbies as well as their eagerness to learn further about Japan-Indonesia acculturation. The desire expands into e-sport activities where our brain and motoric are challenged through comprehensive coordination and winning spirit, while the otaku part exercises our esthetic and sensibility in creating handcrafts, comics, animation, and many other creative activities.


Cinematography Club
BASE Cinematography Club is established in 2015. Born from the passion of each member and with experiences and background complementing each other, our work will continuously improving towards excellence and mesmerization. Our motto: CREATIVE – ELEGANT – INSIPIRING. Our vision is to achieve creative and inspiring filmmaking while maintaining an elegant atmosphere throughout the scenes whilst exercising professionalism. Our mission is to enhance skills of young generation in filmmaking so we can unremittingly improve our cinematography quality in many categories that inspire the audiences. Visit us in our YouTube channel, BASE Filmania.


Automotive Club
Our vision is to create a new invention or improvement of existing automotive products that fulfill the industrial product standard and concurrent with the current scientific development. Our mission is not only to develop technical based skills but also soft skills such as work responsibility and organizational skills. Our activities include routine gathering and discussion, inviting guest lecture, technical training, and project for automotive product development.


Robotic Club
Our motto is evolve beyond the boundaries. Our works of field include intelligent automation system applicable in automotive and industrial manufacturing. We learn about sensor, micro-controller, electronic circuit, actuators and another mechanical parts. Our activities include competition, tutorial-training, workshop, and also social activities such as BBQ and futsal.


Kendo Club
We develop Japanese fighting spirit. Our motto is respect others to be respected. This club allows us to learn how to master the technique of Japanese martial arts, not only in the physical sphere, but also in spiritual form. In the samurai mastery of technique, we learned various techniques which train our arms’ strength and attack accuracy. Meditation are performed to sharpen our sensitivity to the environment.