Adjunct Faculty

Professor Bahtiar Saleh Abbas, PhD.

The primary focus of Professor Bahtiar Saleh Abbas’ research program is the application of operation research in industry, business, and public institutions (e.g. the use of quantitative methods – discrete-event simulation, mathematical modeling and statistics to develop management policies for production or operation systems). In particular, he is interested in dynamic models and is currently working on the national logistics model. His research work mostly has been supported by DIKTI. He is currently a member in professional organizations, such as The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS), Indonesian Professional Association of Educational Technology, and Associate in East-West Center. He has published numerous professional journals and proceedings and two of his joint researches are published in EPJ Web of Conference and Journal of Computer Science. He currently serves as Vice Rector IV (Research and Intellectual Property) for the institution.

Professor Abbas received his PhD in Operations Research and MS in Statistics from Iowa State University and BS in Statistics from Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB), Indonesia. His experience, professionalism, and strong educational background in operation research entitled him to play a significant role in molding his students’ mindset in modeling an effective and efficient system. This mindset is a crucial competency required for a product design engineering student to successfully design a competitive system-based product.


Dr. dr. Tan Shot Yen, M.Hum.

DR. Tan Shot Yen is the faculty of Behavioral Physiology and Character Building courses. Her background as a medical doctor and Doctor of Community Nutrition from University of Indonesia gives her additional proficiency in conveying the work of the highly complex human body in a simple language, especially for the engineering students.

Holding a master degree in Philosophy makes her qualified and able to shape her students’ understanding of Pancasila and Indonesian archipelago through implementation into their daily life instead of merely memorizing it. Understanding Pancasila through applications makes the Pancasila course becomes much more interesting and valuable. Likewise, in the Religion course, she conveys the course material in a contextual way which deepen students’ understanding of the existence of God, and transcendence and immanence values as the characteristics of faithful believers.


Bernardus Bandriyana, S.T., M.T.

Bernardus Bandriyana focusing his research program on material and chemical science, and nanotechnology (e.g. the use of ultrasonic enhanced melting furnace, effect of copper addition for advanced reactor fuel cladding material). Among many of his professional publications, there are several joint journals that are published in Journal of Material Science, and also a proceeding in International Symposium on Nanotechnology and Nano-biotechnology Innovative Application.

His educational background in Mechanical Engineering and Material Science led his involvement in professional service on material testing and characterization in material testing laboratory, and act as an organizing committee of international and national seminar. In recent years, he has been actively involved as team’s faculty advisor in Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) in ASEAN Skills Competition.


Didit Suryadi, Dipl.Ing.

Having a strong Mechanical Engineering background from Germany and experience as a director of an engineering and consulting company, Didit Suryadi professionally counterparts the competencies of Product Design Engineering by familiarizing Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing skills to the students.

His experience as a practitioner and interest in education, supports his dedication in preparing the graduates with added values essential in the recent and future industries.


Endra, S.Kom., M.T.

Endra is a PhD candidate in Electrical Engineering from University of Indonesia and received his master degree in optoelectronic and laser application from the same institution. His research interest is mainly in large area of signal processing, especially in compressive sensing, wavelets, and nonlinear fiber optics. He actively publishes scientific publications in international journals and proceedings.

Given his track record in winning gold medals and other awards in international physics competition as well as numerous national awards in physics, he has strong credentials in illustrating complex physics theories in simple and easy to understand language. Hence, Endra is entrusted to be the cognizant faculty for Physics courses in BINUS ASO School of Engineering.



Wikaria Gazali, S.Si., M.T.

Having a lifetime teaching achievement and awards, Wikaria Gazali is a distinguished faculty in mathematics who has been dedicating himself in education for more than 30 years. His “nurturing” teaching style towards his students constantly leads him to be students’ favorite math faculty. He also actively writes calculus and linear algebra textbooks adopted by institutions.

As part of his contribution to academia, Wikaria Gazali is also active in research. His research spans from the theoretical to applicative areas, such as a novel technique to solve differential equation, and pattern placement optimization on flat material to reduce waste. Throughout his time in education, he has obtains numerous research grants from the Ministry of Higher Education. His master in optoelectronics and laser application from University of Indonesia strengthens his current research that involves study on the effect of breakwater in reducing tidal wave amplitude in order to protect shoreline.