Business Engineering (BE) program provides solid knowledge, skills and application (KSA) of its graduates toward The Federal Reserve in USA, within the trilogy of business, IT and engineering.
Thus, it is beneficial for BE’s graduates to embark KSA within International settings, in particular in USA on Financial Stability, in which USA plays vital role in Global Financial Stability.
Ultimately, it generates BE’s graduates who are competent in  International competitions.

In addition to that, the trilogy of business, IT and engineering in BE program provide leverage in capitalizing the competent in International competitions, not only in National Competencies, but also in International Competencies not only in Business as usual, but also in uncertainty situation.

What Is Financial Stability

A financial system is considered stable when banks, other lenders, and financial markets are able to provide households, communities, and businesses with the financing they need to invest, grow, and participate in a well-functioning economy—and can do so without making the system more vulnerable to sharp downturns. In contrast, in an unstable system, an economic shock is likely to have much larger effects, disrupting the flow of credit and leading to larger-than-expected declines in employment and economic activity.

The resources and services provided by the financial system include:

  • loans and lines of credit to businesses and households, such as mortgages and credit cards;
  • checking accounts, savings accounts, and retirement accounts, among many other savings products; and
  • securities underwriting, brokerage services, cash management, and other critical offerings of a sophisticated financial system.Sources: