Potential Development During the Pandemic Besar Karuniaji Style

There are many ways to develop yourself. Less than ideal situations such as this pandemic should not be allowed to be an obstacle to development. By continuing to be oriented towards developing one’s abilities and self-potential, any situation is nothing to worry about. We must train ourselves to see good opportunities that can benefit us.

That’s what Besar Karuniaji, a graduate of BINUS ASO’s Automotive Robotics Engineering program, did. He continued to try to develop the potential that existed in him through campus activities and challenges provided by his lecturers. Although he is now an R&D worker at a Japanese company called Sensbey, this did not make him easily satisfied. Even during the pandemic, Besar used his time to engage in other projects outside of his main work.

In the last year of his studies, Besar attended an internship program at Sensbey for three months in Japan. The company is engaged in heater and automatic solder manufacturing. After the internship, he had to return to his homeland to attend graduation. Although it only lasted for three months, the experience bore fruit for Besar’s career.

He attained a contract as a permanent employee as studying at BINUS ASO gave Besar a lot of knowledge. At Sensbey, he interned as a CAD Engineer in charge of making flux designs. In addition, Besar was also tasked with developing automatic soldering machines. On this internship, Besar showed a variety of potential that made a good impression on his company. He helped his boss do other work outside of his main job. When there was an operating error on the thermostat, Besar helped his co-workers to fix the thermostat. The owner of the company who happened to be there was also impressed with Besar’s performance. He began to be trusted to do various jobs that Besar saw as a challenge to develop his potential. He was even trusted to improve his company’s website. Even though it was outside of his main job, Besar still did it wholeheartedly.

Great performance made the owner of the company offer him a permanent position. No longer a CAD Engineer, he now works as a member of a special R&D team in the field of systems. Interestingly, at that time there were no other employees with similar positions in Sensbey. He has not been able to return to Japan because of the pandemic so he had to work online from Surakarta. Even so, he still diligently carries out his work, such as making IoT controller designs and designing ioT controllers.