Dwi Putra’s Life-Changing Experience from College to Company

With the aim of delivering well-qualified graduates, BINUS ASO School of Engineering (BASE) is established under the cooperation of BINUS UNIVERSITY and ASO College Group from Japan. It offers two outstanding programs, Product Design Engineering (PDE) and Automotive Robotics Engineering (ARE); both facilitate students to immerse themselves in practical experience beyond theoretical comprehension.

One of the alumni, Dwi Putra Effendi, shared his first-hand experience when studying at BASE until he was recruited by a reputable manufacturing company that currently serves as his workplace. Keep reading to see how far he has come!

How It All Started

Dwi Putra Effendi is a part of BINUSIAN 2018 who enrolled in ARE program at BASE. The first time he knew about this program, he immediately developed a genuine interest in the automotive field. He believes that it will be one of the worldwide industries with the fastest development in the future due to the progressive emergence of new technologies every day.

The background of BASE also became one of the primary reasons behind Dwi’s decision about his college and major. The fact that BASE is established with the cooperation of ASO College in Japan strengthened his motivation. He is not only interested in exploring the field of the automotive industry but also in the respectable Japanese work culture.

At the time, Dwi aimed to adapt to a new environment as soon as he started college. He opened himself to new experiences as well as attempted to follow the new work culture. Little did he know that all of his wishes from this starting line would be granted—even more than he expected.

Life-Changing Experience at College

Among a multitude of educational experiences that Dwi Putra gained at college, the most memorable one is his final project. He even described this experience as a life-changer. It is not surprising—nor too excessive to say it like that, since that particular milestone actually changed his life.

Dwi Putra recalled that when it was time to do his final project, he proposed an initial topic that was rejected. Dwi’s academic advisor then advised him to redo his project with another topic focusing on “Line Recognition and Position Estimation for Vehicle”.

When his final project was nearly finished, Dwi Putra was asked to present it in front of four judges—two of them came from BASE while the other two served as industry representatives. As soon as he was done with his presentation, one of the guest judges unexpectedly opened up a discussion related to the project. The judge, apparently a company manager, offered him a golden opportunity to join the company.

That moment was a real milestone in Dwi Putra’s future career. He has become one of many BASE students who received a job offer even before he officially graduated. He currently works as an innovation engineer under the Research and Development Team at OMRON Manufacturing of Indonesia, a Japanese-based electronic manufacturing company. His job description includes conceptualizing machine vision which connects him directly with the clients.

Valuable Lessons After Graduation

Before being asked to fill a position at his current company, Dwi Putra received other wonderful opportunities at BASE. He was selected to participate in a Study Tour to Japan, had a short internship in several Japanese companies, and had an internship in National Instruments as an application engineer.

The opportunities he had are closely related to his self-development at college. As Dwi Putra stated, studying at BASE helped him build a strong character and work ethic. During his college years, he adapted to 8-to-5 office hours, take some high-risk responsibilities, and get involved in various organizations.

For other BINUSIANs, especially those currently studying in the ARE program at BASE, Dwi Putra shared the valuable lessons he learned at college and after graduation. He expressed that in addition to soft skills that served as a crucial thing on a career path, everyone should always be a good, respectful person that gives positive vibes everywhere.