PDE and Future Challenges on Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has already begun. The time of localized, fractured and siloed product development is coming to an end. Unified platforms and new technology that pool data, allowing for input from diverse stakeholders – from engineering, including Product Design Engineering (PDE).

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Meanwhile, in addition to prior source of https://www.engineering.com, then, the insight from Oracle, as one of real situation in current 2021 onward, is deemed indispensable of Oracle’s on Digital Transformation.

Future Challenge

To Wrap Up, the PDE and Future Challenges on Digital Transformation, can be depicted in the following perspectives, from both aformentioned sources. Precisely, from Oracle’s https://questoraclecommunity.org/learn

Research shows that while digital transformation is underway, it is still in the early stages. Most development teams (91 percent) have access to their data, but less than a third can easily access it. This is due, in part, to the fact that most teams (73 percent) rely on systems that lack integration.

Despite adoption challenges, the participants in the study from engineering.com, sponsored by Oracle, believe in the promise of data-fueled product development. When asked about the various ways that Cloud-based product lifecycle management (PLM) will enhance product development, respondents said that 10 out of 11 benefits will have a “moderate to revolutionary” impact on their business.

This research report looks at what teams are sure about when it comes to digital transformation, how product development teams are using data today, and how they will implement data-fueled technology moving forward.