BINUS ASO School of Engineering Holds “Tech Infinity”, a Competition for Future Indonesian Engineers

The student association of BINUS ASO School of Engineering (BASE), also called Himpunan Mahasiswa BASE (HMB), held “Tech Infinity: Enhance Technology through Innovation beyond Infinity”, a three-day event consisting of competitions for each program at BASE – Automotive Robotics Engineering and Product Design Engineering –  from 15-17 November 2018, at the BINUS ASO Campus, Alam Sutera, South Tangerang.

Tech Infinity is an event designated as a medium for Indonesian students – from high schools and universities – to practice their proficiency in robotics, as well as hone their ideas, creativity, and skills as future engineers. With the theme “Enhance Technology through Innovation beyond Infinity”, this event promoted technology and encouraged limitless innovations.

Two competitions were held in Tech Infinity: Sumo Robo for the Automotive Robotics Engineering program and 3D Product Design from the Product Design Engineering Program. “There are five categories in this event. The categories are Sumo Robo Basic, Sumo Robo 1 kg, Sumo Robo 3 kg, 3D Product Design Basic, and 3D Product Design University,” explained Claudio, head of the committee of Tech Infinity.

Sumo Robo is a robotics competition intended to hone the contestants’ skills in building a robot’s physical aspects and also the coding. For the robots, the contestants needed a combination of robotic codes, sturdy bodies, and strong weaponry to counter the opponents.

Meanwhile, the 3D Product Design competition was aimed to open future product designers’ eyes to the 3D printing world that can be helpful in creating prototypes and testing the product designs. The participants created 3D product models according to the theme. The assessment itself was based on innovation, aesthetics, and product functionality.

Rico Pratama, a committee member of Tech Infinity, hoped that through this event, the Indonesian community, including the young generation, understand the importance of technology in life. “We hope the community can look ahead to the future and understand that now is the era of automation in the industry. Also, through this event, the participants can learn to compete and develop their soft skills in Automotive Robotics Engineering and Product Design Engineering,” he concluded.