Guest Lecturer of BINUS ASO School of Engineering, Product Design Engineering

In order to deliver outstanding quality graduates, BINUS UNIVERSITY (Indonesia) together with ASO College Group (Japan) established the BINUS ASO School of Engineering (BASE). BASE students immerse themselves in course work that combines theory with hands-on experience in using updated technology facilities.

A couple of months ago, the BINUS ASO School of Engineering had a guest lecturer for Product Design Engineering (PDE) from Japan, Yoshinobu Yamagishi. Mr. Yamagishi studied product design at Tsukuba University, a national university located in Ibaraki Prefecture. After he graduated, he worked as a product designer for SONY, a world famous company. He was involved in the design of the world famous music player “Walkman” series, CD-ROM players, and remote controllers of SONY’s electric appliances.

After he worked as a product designer, he switched to SONY’s product planning division, overseas sales promotion division, and Internet content division. In 2005, he started working as a freelance designer in Shanghai, China. In 2008, he returned to Japan and started his teaching career at TOKYO Design College.

In 2013, he joined the ASO College group as a teacher of design. He has worked for the Brand Control Division of ASO as a Manager of Corporate Image since 2016, besides teaching in the field of design at the ASO Business Computer College and the ASO Architecture and Design College.

Yama sensei is an expert in user interface, user experience, and graphics for smartphone screens. When he came to the BINUS ASO School of Engineering he taught students about user interfaces, not only product designs. His expectation is that the students can develop product designs into advertising and promotion material.

“Students in the BINUS ASO School of Engineering are very active and more responsive than students in the ASO College,” said Yama Sensei. Teaching in the BINUS ASO School of Engineering (BASE) was a priceless experience for Yama Sensei, and he is so excited about teaching BINUS ASO students. He also loves Indonesian food.