Guest Lecturer from Japan, BINUS ASO School of Engineering

In order to deliver outstanding quality graduates, BINUS UNIVERSITY (Indonesia) together with the ASO College Group (Japan) established the BINUS ASO School of Engineering (BASE). BASE students immerse themselves in coursework that combines theory with hands-on experience through updated technology facilities.

Product Design Engineering has 2 guest lecturers from Japan, Yoshinobu Yamagishi and Takao Itoh. Takao Itoh worked at HITACHI for 40 years and he was a designer for high speed trains. He joined the ASO College for 1 month and his passion after retiring was about teaching product design engineering which correlated with his working experiences. Takao Itoh sensei has had a lot of experience and awards in product design engineering.

He told BINUS ASO students to enjoy the designs, so they will become expert designers. They have to always try, love God, and love their passions as product design engineers. In this guest lecture session, BINUS ASO students have to present their designs to the guest lecturer. “Their presentations and designs are so good and creative,” Takao Itoh sensei said.

Takao Itoh taught manners to the BASE students, and he was so surprised because BASE Students are polite and they can do OJIGI (bow to greet people).