As part of Computer Engineering, this program helps students develop the ability to analyze, design and build mechanical and automated electronic systems for automotive parts and manufacturing processes using design tools used in global industries today. It includes the design and development of 3D mechanical systems, electronics and computer systems, robotic and automation systems, and automotive and operations engineering.


Becoming the most admired Automotive and Robotics Engineering program, which focus in intelligent automation system for well being, in providing young talented with pride.


To contribute to the global community through the provision of world-class education by:

  • Educating students with the knowledge and skills of science and technology for the design, analysis, and application of automation technologies in a creative and resourceful manner.
  • Preparing graduates to become the future leaders in global community with dignity, charm, and discipline mind, while being sensitive to the social, environmental, and economic context.
  • Conducting high impact applied research in the field of engineering to improve quality of life and to contribute to the society which serves the profession of the faculties and enriches the students with contemporary issues.


The modern lab facilities support the program: Computer Lab, Physics Lab, Electronics Lab, 2D Drafting Lab, 2D & 3D CAD Labs, Robotics Lab, and Manufacturing Lab.


Career paths open to students include:

  • Product Development Engineer
  • Automation System Engineer
  • Simulation Engineer
  • Process Engineer
  • Factory automation engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • Entrepreneur